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Upcoming online resilience workshops for carers

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

We are super excited to offer 'Pay what you can' online resilience workshops for Carers for the rest of the Summer after the success of Carers Week. Check out our video above showing the dynamic techniques we use to give carers skills, tips, tools and to have some fun and time off from caring too!

The resilience workshops will focus on:

Please see the workshops on offer in July and August and register before they fill up quickly! More information and how to book can be found at

For Carers Week June 2020, we ran 4 free online workshops for carers on Zoom based around our 4 key values. The video here shows highlights of those workshops and feedback from carers. It truly was a wonderful week. The carers as ever were engaged, creative, determined and passionate about the needs of their loved ones as well as thinking about their own needs too. We laughed, we learnt, we relaxed and we got fired up! Here is some of the feedback we received....

Creativity - Nick ran the 'I might be a carer but I'm still creative' workshop where we played, laughed and released our perceived blocks to creativity.

"Thanks so much, some inspiring ideas which I feel could move me to make a shift to the monotony."

See some more feedback from a carer in this video here:

Confidence - Jill ran the 'Know your rights carers' where we explored the Care Act and discussed together that no carer should ever be coerced into being a carer by the state.

"Thank you both so much for the session. It has been really helpful in that it reiterated I am giving the same message to carers, carers are not aware and as someone said information is power or at least empowerment."

Self Care- Rob ran the 'Breathe, relax, reset carers' workshop giving some quality 'me' time through a guided visualisation and meditation.

"Would just like to say that was a most unexpectedly good session for me as prior to today I’ve managed about 10-15mins mediation max & I was very sceptical as to how I would get through an extended period.  I didn’t even notice the time & engaged with the experience with Rob’s guidance."

Communication- Nick also ran the 'Speak Clearly Carers' workshop looking at how we could speak with professionals more clearly to get the impact and influence we want.

"Thank you Nick, it was interesting. 1.5 hrs went quickly!" "Thanks, Nick.  Super helpful and useful."

So it was a fantastic week with sold out workshops and carers came from right across the UK.

Please see the workshops on offer in July and August and register before they fill up quickly! More information and how to book can be found at

If you are a carers organisation then we are taking bookings for online workshops for September onwards so please do get in touch at or use the booking page on the website.

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