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Training Workshops

We are all creative, there is no such thing as the special artist who was born that way. We were all born creative but sadly being an adult wears us down and we lose that initial spark where we fear failure. On top of that, you really forget who you used to be when you gave up your life caring for others. Let's reignite that spark!

Choose from the following workshops:

1. I Don't Care Today
Fun drama and creative skills


4:30 pm

We will laugh, be silly and use fun drama games and exercises for unpaid carers to let their hair down, meet other people in their situation and learn some confidence building performance skills.


The workshop will gradually build skills throughout the session so no performance experience is necessary just a willingness to have fun! 

  • Improvisation and comedy exercises 

  • Get to know you exercises 

  • Fun team games 

  • Storytelling and character games 

  • Devising small performances.

Recommended length: 1-10 sessions

By the end of the 10 sessions, the carers will have explored how to play and have fun without worry about judgement and devised a small performance to their peers as a celebration of the joy in life.

2. Hello, I'm Here and Still Creative
Unlocking your own creativity


10:00 am

We will look at what creativity actually means and how to unlock that off switch. We will look at the worship of supposed gifted artists and begin to realise that we can all be creative. We will create a plan of making room for creativity little and often to change the default failure mindset. 

  • Unlocking your own creativity

  • Release your own limiting beliefs 

  • Make an action plan to help change your habitual patterns and create space for fun and creativity.

Recommended length: 1-5 sessions

By the end of the 5 sessions, the carers will have identified their limiting beliefs around creativity and identified an action plan to put time in for themselves little and often throughout the week.

3. That's the Story Of My Life
Exploring autobiographical stories


10:00 am

We all have a story to tell. As carers our stories are often one minute pain painstakingly awful and the next laugh out loud funny. In these workshops we will explore what makes authentic and interesting stories from our lives and how can we reach out to universally connect to an audience.


The workshop focuses on solo autobiographical story making and the sessions will cover:


  • Exploring your own personal bank of stories

  • How to connect to an audience

  • Explore your true authentic self

  • Exploring different performance styles such as performance art, comedy, storytelling and interactive performance.

  • Learn to curate and design the story you want to tell

  • Create a short solo performance to perform.

Recommended length: 1-10 sessions

By the end of the 10 sessions, the carers will have explored what autobiographical story they want to tell and in what style of performance they want to tell it and devise a short solo performance to their peers with positive feedback.

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