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Training Workshops


4:30 pm

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What stops you from being the fantastic human you were born to be? Life has got us down, its taken everything from us and given us nothing in return. We need to go back and see where our internal blocks are, what stops us from being in flow and how to get back to a place of calmness and readiness for the next obstacle to carefully overcome. We’ve achieved so much before so lets remember our own self worth to get clear and focused! 

Choose from the following workshops:

1. Get A Life
Unlocking stuck patterning 


4:30 pm

Examine your internal worlds, how you view a situation and what you can do to change your own reactions and beliefs about yourself and, in turn, others.

In this training we will:

  • ​Explore your limiting beliefs and say goodbye to them

  • Find your actions to create more space in your life

  • Examine how to reframe perceived negative experiences

  • Understand the anxiety cycle and find ways to change it

  • Make an action plan to change reactive behaviour patterns to a more considered response.

Recommended length: 1-5 sessions

By the end of the 5 sessions, the carers will have reflected on their current stuck patterning behaviours and created an action plan to enable their needs to be met.

2. Gongs and Sound Therapy
Relaxation and time out


10:00 am

Try an immersive, vibrational sound massage that ripples through your muscles, joints, bones and organs; travelling right down into your cells and beyond. It's a great way to beat stress and relax! Complex instruments are used to frame a profound silence, which can be used to transform negative energy, balance the brain hemispheres and assist the body in healing itself.


  • How do we relax and what is the right kind of selfishness?

  • Give yourself a vibrational massage

  • Train and rewire your brain

  • Elevate your frequency

Recommended length: 1-10 sessions

By the end of the 10 sessions, the carers will have had regular immersive sound therapy to rewire stuck patterning in the brain and created a regular space for themselves to just ‘be’.

3. Breathe/Relax/Reset
Grounding and stillness


11:30 am

Simple, yet effective: a journey to deepen your relationship with yourself using the breath. By connecting the inhale with the exhale, we will bring awareness to your natural breathing rhythm to relax deeply and discover tensions in the body which link to emotions, thoughts and narratives. No rules. No comparisons. No destination. All moods welcome and interesting!


  • Calm and regulate your breathing patterns

  • Hack your nervous system

  • Integrate trauma

  • Realise your potential and make a future action plan.

Recommended length: 1-10 sessions

By the end of the 10 sessions, the carers will have identified their usual breathing patterns and undergone a transformational trauma releasing process that integrates and heals through deep and sustained breathing.

4. Creative Visualisation
Hope and clarity


11:30 am

A meditative journey of discovery using gentle guided meditations to calm the mind and rewire negative thought patterns.

  • Set positive changes for the future

  • Re-remember positive situations in the past

  • Create a sense of hopefullness 

  • Provide comfort and clarity 

Recommended length: 1-10 sessions

By the end of the 10 sessions, the carers will have begun to rewire negative thought patterns and create a more positive, life affirming vision for the future.

5. Making Friends With Your Feelings
Rebalance healthy emotions


11:30 am

This workshop aims to help you:


  • Stop the emotional overwhelm

  • Understand the nature of our feelings

  • Find a healthy emotional balance

  • Gain clarity and reduce anxiety

Recommended length:2 sessions

At the end of the 2 sessions, the carers will have explored the role emotions play in their lives and gained practical experience of working with and not against their emotions for optimal emotional health.

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