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About Us

Our wide ranging workshops have been developed over 15 years of working with carers & community organisations and corporates to offer practical tools to overcome those perceived obstacles.
Unlocking each person’s creativity is the key tool to also unlocking those perceived stuck patterns of behaviour that stops us from moving forward. Whether these obstacles are internal or external, we can support each other and find our own ways to being the best we can be.
We work in partnership with carers organisations and businesses offering one off or short programmes of training. Our training sessions can be stand alone or mixed and matched. We are now able to adapt all our workshops to online working which is working very well.
Our trainers have a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience, which includes creativity and improvisation; communication strategies; counselling/psychotherapy; breath work, mindfulness and sound healing; and the law relating to social care. Many of our trainers are also carers themselves.

Meet The Team
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NIck Headshot.jpg

Nick Llewellyn

Company Director. NLP Trainer and theatre director 

JILL 4 Bio.jpg

Jill Pay

Carers Rights Trainer and Facilitator

Jamie New Edit.jpg

Jamie Crabb

Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Practitioner

Rob pic.jpg

Rob Calcutt

Breathworker and Sound Therapist

Meet the team

Working with Not a Care in the World was a great adventure.  We had the opportunity to work together, learn a lot, gain confidence and have lots of fun creating a Forum Theatre. Parents who had never role played before Not A Care in the World took part in a training session for professionals at Lewisham’s children’s centre, acting out various scenarios on what it is like to be a carer of a disabled child.  The performances were more powerful than any words and they sent a very strong message.  Would love to do it again someday.

Lewisham Parent and Carers Forum

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