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Training Workshops


When life has knocked you down, it's hard to get back up. You don’t know your rights, who to turn to or how to get others on board to support you. You feel like the costs outweigh the benefits and we sit back in our comfortable place of inaction. Let's get connected, motivated and share the load.

Choose from the following workshops:

1. Know Your Rights
Understanding the Care Act and carer's rights


4:30 pm

We will explore the law and how it is supposed to protect carers. With this information you can go into any health and social care professional meeting armoured.


We will cover: 

  • What rights do carers have? 

  • What does the law say? 

  • How can carers assert their rights? 

  • What stops carers asserting their rights? 

  • Trouble-shooting problems and finding solutions.

Recommended length: 1-2 sessions

By the end of 2 sessions, the carers will have explored the Care Act and practiced how to assert their rights with professionals.

2. Have Your Say!
Give voice to specific issues


11:30 am

Have Your Say will enable community groups to explore a specific issue that is affecting their community and feedback issues together as a group in a fun and interactive way. We will spend time prior to the workshop(s) researching the issue to maintain a good background knowledge. 

  • The workshops will contain a mixture of participatory games, thought shower, image theatre and role- play. 

  • There may also be opportunities to record the findings of the workshop via visual images, audio or AV recordings, interviews or the subsequent writing of a report.

Recommended length: 1 session

By the end of the session, the carers will have explored the topic or issue using an interactive approach and together highlighted the main conclusions and/or recommendations to be taken forward.

3. Connections
Team building


10:00 am

The Connections workshops will enable carers and community groups to develop team building and trust skills within their own group. 

We will cover:

  • How we work together as a group. 

  • Trust exercises. 

  • Team building games. 

  • Problem-solving activities 

  • Managing and workshopping potential internal conflicts. 

  • Making or reviewing the group contract.

Recommended length: 1-5 sessions

By the end of the 5 sessions, the carers will have built trust as a team of advocates, identified how to work effectively together using the skills of each individual and built a positive force for change.

4. Reach Out
Create action plans to share the caring load


11:30 am

We will look at the role of being a carer and their relationship to public services to understand clear boundaries to share the caring load. 

  • Explore the different range of professionals in a carers life. 

  • What can we do to better support ourselves to reach out? 

  • Who can help you with your caring role? 

  • Why is it important to reach out and ask for help? 

  • Examine why no carer is an island!

Recommended length: 1-5 sessions

By the end of the 5 sessions, the carers will have explored who all the professionals are and could be in their life and created an action plan for actively engaging professionals to share the caring load.

5. Planning for Change
Moving on from caring


11:30 am

Moving on from caring can be a difficult time, especially coupled with the loss of the person you cared for. You may be experiencing loss in a number of different ways and this training will enable you to regain your confidence and plan for your new phase in life.


This training will:

  • Help you to regain confidence and strength after a difficult period in your life

  • Create a supportive environment with peers who are also bereaved carers

  • Explore ways to move forward into the next phase of your life

  • Feel hopeful for the future and make an action plan to regain a new sense of purpose

Recommended length: 1-5 sessions

By the end of the 5 sessions, the carers will have begun to process their recent difficult period with their loved one and begun to imagine and plan for a new exciting future for themselves.

6. Your Stuff-My Stuff
Boundary setting


11:30 am

As a carer, it is hard to know what boundaries mean as you are constantly 'on.' What is your stuff easily becomes my stuff. This includes the carer/ cared for dynamic as well as the neglect often witnessed in health and social care services. We will look at:


  • What are boundaries?

  • Why are boundaries important?

  • How do you know what is your stuff?

  • Why do we take on too much responsibility as carers?

  • How can you maintain healthy boundaries?

Recommended length: 1-5 sessions

By the end of the 5 sessions, the carers will have explored boundaries with their cared for family members and professionals and create an action plan to maintain healthy boundaries for the future.

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