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Communication Training Workshops

How to make an impact to get your message across to others is a huge challenge to all of us. We’ve all been there where we had one chance to get our point across and influence a decision and we blew it with nerves, anger or a lack of passion. Let's get smart, specific and passionate with others! 

Choose from the following workshops: 

Please note, as this training is designed to work together, we recommend booking both Speak Up and Speak Clearly.

1. Speak Up
Communication and assertiveness


4:30 pm

The Speak Up workshops will enable carers and community groups to begin to look at communication skills and the power of language.


The sessions will cover: 

  • Verbal and non – verbal communication such as intonation and tone and body language and facial expression.

  • Understanding the important principles of yes and no 

  • Techniques from Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) 

  • Exploring listening skills such as active listening

  •  Passive and aggressive behavioural traits 

  • Space and power dynamics 

  • Assertiveness and speaking up for your own wants and needs.

Recommended length: 1-5 sessions

By the end of the 5 sessions, the carers will have explored their own communication and behavioural style and adopted more clean and clear assertive language and body language for the future.

2. Speak Clearly
Communication with professionals


10:00 am

Using interactive role play such as Forum Theatre techniques, we will enable the participants to develop short interactive performances that can be used in training sessions, conferences, events and service user forums.

In this workshop we will explore:


  • Interactive forum theatre techniques 

  • Using clear communication techniques from NLP

  • How to create role-play from a pressing dilemma

  • Problem-solving potential difficulties and obstacles. 

Recommended length: 1-5 sessions

By the end of the 5 sessions, the carers will have explored challenging communication situations with professionals using case studies from the group and discussed and practiced positive solutions for the future.

3. Present to Me
Presentation Skills


11:30 am

Present to Me allows the participants to explore how they communicate to other people in a presentation/ conference setting. We can use material that the person or group want to use or help structure their speech and interactivity with the audience. 

We will look at: 

  • Finding the real personality behind the presentation script 

  • Vocal skills/ breathing/ articulation/ pronunciation

  • Posture and body language 

  • Storytelling skills and the use of dramatic tension

  • Eye contact and authenticity 

  • Use of powerpoint and visual aids.

Recommended length: 1-3 sessions

By the end of the 3 sessions, the carers will have explored how to give an authentic presentation about their lived experience as carers and rehearsed this to the group with positive feedback.

4. The Interview
Interview skills


11:30 am

The Interview allows participants the opportunity to practice interviewing for a job, course or new opportunity in their life.


The workshop will cover: 

  • How to ‘sell’ yourself 

  • What to prepare before and during the interview 

  • Eye contact and authenticity 

  • Posture and body language 

  • Building rapport with the future employer 

  • What to do and what not to do

  • Identifying core limiting beliefs.

Recommended length: 1-3 sessions

By the end of the 3 sessions, the carers will have identified their limiting beliefs and practiced how to build rapport and be their authentic selves in a future interview situation.

Download our brochure to find out more about our training offer

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