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Positive feedback from carers organisations

At Not A Care in the World we have been super busy again running our interactive resilience training online and even back in the real world with many carer organisations across the country. Here is some feedback from the resilient carers and staff from Scotland to Sussex on what they learnt, experienced and the changes they will make to their caring lives going forward....

Carers Support West Sussex

We have undertaken a broad range of training with Carers Support in West Sussex. This included working with the incredible 'Be the Voice' group with creating a co produced new training programme for carers in how to prepare and speak up in meetings with health and social care professionals as well as booking our 'Present to me' workshop.

We worked 1:1 with a carer, Maz to support the writing and delivery of a promotional film for the charity which launched at a conference in West Sussex. Please see the results here:

"Thank you so much! The help you gave me piecing it together was amazing and so helpful. I really enjoyed creating it - going through the process really helped remind me how joyful it can be, being a carer amongst all the challenges."

Carers Hub Lambeth

Jill, Rob and Nick ran multiple workshops with both carers and staff with Carers Hub Lambeth. We ran 4 sessions in person with the 'Get a Life' workshop for carers as carers began to meet again in person. These workshops brought together the multiple skills of Jill as a carer and facilitator with Rob's skills in breathwork and visualisations.

"Carers really enjoyed the space to meditate and speak about their experiences. The final session brought everything learned in the earlier three sessions together, with Jill giving carers more practical ways to think about behaviour patterns, and this complemented the earlier meditative session nicely."

We also ran 2 trainings for staff in 'Group facilitation skills'. The first session online and the second in person to enable new and established staff who run group training sessions to learn and refresh educational theory and practice in running groups for carers.

"Nick was very friendly and a great communicator. In addition to learning new methods for running activities, we were given space to talk about our own methods and share ideas which was helpful. It was useful to be learning about group facilitation from someone who is also a carer themselves."

Connecting Carers, Dingwall, Scotland

Jill, Nick and Rob ran a bespoke 10 week training programme for carers in the highlands of Scotland. These were a broad mix of skills from communication, self care, creativity and confidence and we were able to reach carers across remote areas of Scotland who would find it difficult to attend in person sessions. This is what the wonderful carers said they learnt from this 10 week programme:

Suffolk Family Carers

Jill and Nick have run multiple online workshops for a broad range of family carers in Suffolk. These include the very popular 'Your stuff, my stuff' workshops exploring creating safe boundaries. Also Nick has run some workshops exploring 'Hello, I'm here and still creativity' exploring reigniting our creative selves. Here is some feedback after Jill's recent boundaries programme:

"It was a very good course – I think Jill helped to try for us to have a look at things from a different angle and see if you could think about a situation in another way."

"I certainly did gain real positives from the course even the first two sessions gave me reinforcement of my beliefs. It also allowed me to feel I don't have to be perfect to care but just be aware of my own needs and keep going."

"I was deeply affected by other Carers experiences and vulnerability during the sessions. I think it's because of circumstances in which we find ourselves trying to fulfil this role. Like trying to find a torch in darkness. We somehow get there in the end."

We offer a broad range of resilience workshops for carers across communication, self care, creativity and confidence. Our workshops can be one off sessions or part of a small or larger package across 1 or multiple trainers. We can offer them online across the country and in person in London and the south east.

If you would like any further information or to book a workshop then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find more information via our website, fill in our booking form or please do email us at

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