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FREE Resilience Handbook for Carers

Breaking through a new you; caring into 2022.

This free handbook written by Nick Llewellyn, who is a carer himself, explores:

  • Time and space for you to reflect on your needs and wants as a carer for the year ahead

  • Learn about the 4 Cs for Carers and how important it is to rebalance the balancing act we all undergo

  • Self-care techniques that you can do little and often throughout your week

  • Creativity techniques that aim to unlock stuck patterning

  • Confidence boost information to empower you to reach out to others

  • Communication skills to equip you to gain influence with professionals AND

  • Create your own action plan for 2022 to keep yourself on track with your own goals throughout the year.

Click here to download:

At Not A Care in the World resilience training for carers, we understand first hand what it means to care, juggle work and stay hopeful and resilient. We offer charitable and corporate organisations interactive training directly to carers across 4 areas; communication, self care, creativity and confidence. Our workshops are dynamic, interactive, fun, creative and empowering and are facilitated by trainers trained in communication skills, NLP, psychotherapy, breathwork, sound therapy, theatre and creativity and the law related to social care. These workshops can take place online and in person and we can curate a broader package of training to match your objectives.

We hope that you and/or your carers in your service enjoy reading the handbook and get some help and guidance from it.

If you are keen to host an interactive training session online or in person on one or more resilience topics then do not hesitate to get in touch at

We wish you and/or your carers in your service all the best for a successful and resilient 2022!

Very best wishes,

Nick and the Not a Care in the World team

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