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Carers Week 22 - Being Visible, valued, supported

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

We can't believe it will be Carers Week again this coming 6th - 12th June 2022, the years are whizzing by. But probably doesn't feel like that for us carers who have faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years.

We are offering carers organisations the chance to book a Not A Care in the World resilience workshop with one of our dynamic trainers before we book up as it is often a busy time for us to work with the wonderful carers across the UK. Please see below the types of workshops we offer online and in person across creativity, self care, confidence and communication:

The themes this year are being visible, valued and supported so here are a few ideas on the types of workshops you could book for your carers in your service this year:

Being Visible- you could book the 'Know your rights' or 'Speak up' workshops that will help the carers in your service to gain the knowledge and skills to alert professionals to their needs.

Being Valued- you could book the 'Your stuff, my stuff' or the 'Hello, I'm here and still creative' workshops that will help the carers in your service set healthy boundaries and find their inner spark that will release newfound energy, time and self appreciation.

Being Supported- you could book the 'Breathe, relax, reset' or the 'Reach out' workshops that will help the carers in your service to enjoy some well deserved time out for themselves and understand the range the services that exist to support them in their role.

We have had a very busy 2022 so far with working with carers all across the UK in Dingwall, East Renfrewshire, Barnet, Dorset, Suffolk, Carmarthenshire, Lambeth, Richmond and Sussex. We continue to have the most wonderful feedback from carers who have appreciated the broad range of topics and styles of delivery from our trainers.

If you would like any further information or to book a workshop during Carers week or any other time, then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find more information via our website, fill in our booking form or please do email us at

We have our training brochure with price list here to download:

We wish you and/or your carers in your service all the best for a successful Carers Week 2022 and we hope to see you at a forthcoming training!

Very best wishes,

Nick and the Not a Care in the World team

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