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Taking bookings for September

At Not a Care in the World resilience training for carers, we have been reconvening our approach since our sold out free online training for carers week in June and the opening back up of society since lockdown. We always delivered in person training and then Covid came along and we quickly adapted to online training.

As carers organisations are opening back up for in person sessions, we have been asked do we do in person sessions again. The answer is YES, but would an online session work better for this particular training or group?

There is no magic formula for what would be a more appropriate intervention as we have found new approaches to delivering our holistic resilience offer online too. So check out this video below and see the variety of trainings we offer and the excellent feedback directly from carers themselves and make a call on what the outcomes you would like to see for your carers in the way that would make most impact:

We offer a pick and mix approach of workshops across self care, creativity, communication and confidence themes and you can book multiple trainers across multiple topics and now multiple in person and online sessions too! So get in touch to discuss your needs and we can work out the best approach to get the outcomes you want to see for the carers you support.

Our in person sessions are only available in London and the South East, otherwise travel would also be required. But the great thing about online now is we have even been able to work in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Who knows Antarctica here we come!

So please visit our website at or email us at with your enquiry and we can get back to you with a proposal.

Look forward to seeing you in person or back online in September.

All the best,

Nick, Jill and Rob - the Not a Care in the World team

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