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Not a Care in the World: Meet the team

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Our 4 trainers have a fantastic array of skills that span creativity, communication skills, confidence building and self care tools. Director Nick Llewellyn has an optimistic and playful outlook where no obstacle is too big. Nick founded award winning learning disability theatre company, Access All Areas during the age of austerity whilst fighting for his disabled sister to be heard and listened to after years of medical neglect. Nick has run creative programmes for carers over numerous years to include forum theatre programmes where carers have created hard hitting dramatic scenes based on real life scenarios to having fun and letting go for those who just want to take their mind off their duties for a few hours.

Jill is a carer herself and has fought for her daughter to get the right support she was entitled to. Jill as a Service Manager for Camden Carers has on the ground experience of supporting groups to assert their needs and comes with an array of rights based knowledge on the carers act and carers assessments. Jill is a trained breathworker and therapist and not only has an amazing knowledge of the system but is an attentive listener and life coach.

Jamie is a trained psychotherapist and counseller and runs his own private practice whilst running group psychotherapy sessions for organisations such as MIND. Jamie grew up in the care system and has personal knowledge of the role of the state to intervene or not in people’s lives. With his caring and intuitive approach, Jamie can assist those who have experienced trauma or a lack of self belief to re-assert their needs and help them to find their own solutions.

Rob has a soothing and calm approach that enables peace and serenity to prevail right from the get go. With his mesmerising and uplifting gongs, Rob can make you go from high level anxiety to creating an inner peace that can see you through any difficult period. Rob is a trained breathworker and coach and so can help to unlock the power of the body to answer your own problems way before your busy mind has caught up.

So you can book 1 of us for your group or all for us for a large event you might be running for carers rights day, carers week or to highlight the pressing issues that carers face. Get in touch with us by using the booking form or email

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