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How having a laugh can make us more resilient

We talk about being resilient all the time. But what on earth does it mean? As a carer when on earth do you have time to do this? Well actually it is not as difficult as it seems. Resilience is the ability to cope under pressure based on a positive attitude and a range of coping strategies.

The best way of managing stress and maintaining resilience is to have a good old laugh. What this does as we all know but never discuss often enough is to see a situation through a new perspective. It also releases amazing positive endorphins that gives you a hormonal boost that your body desperately craves.

When your life feels like Faulty Towers, laugh out loud and exaggerate the characters in your life to highlight the ridiculousness of it all. From the doctors surgery that has lost your cared for's prescription (again) to the council funded carer who due to cuts now only comes over for half an hour in the morning to wash and dress your loved one to even the family member who never asks how you are.

If feels harsh to say this. All these issues are real and are felt by carers daily. They are infuriating, they touch a real spot and every day feels so hard to go on. BUT when you step away and gain perspective, you really can see the wood for the trees. That GP surgery is ALWAYS losing everything, the council carer goes so fast washing and dressing that she's like roadrunner or that long lost brother of yours that is in denial about your daily drudgery couldn't see when his own shoelaces need doing up.

What this does is to remove yourself from the situation, you see the issue in an exaggerated light and it feels silly and strange. BUT it allows you to move on from it. Yes we can make complaints, yes we can speak up for ourselves, yes we can hold a family meeting. These are all brilliant things to do. But if these are not possible or in the meantime whilst your waiting on these actions, give yourself some well deserved time off from the daily anxiety. Give yourself a laugh!

For more information on 'Not a Care in the World' resilience workshops see

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