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Rob Calcutt

Breathworker and Sound Therapist

I'm a sound therapist and breathworker and run my own practice, Urban Healer . My therapy gig combines sacred instruments (gongs drums, tuning forks, rattles) and conscious breathing techniques to encourage clients to run wild with their imagination and find context within an ancient map of the cosmos, known as the medicine wheel. I began my journey as a holistic therapist in 1992 and a decade later, enjoyed the rare experience of training with Aboriginal elders in the Australian bush. I studied at Eagles Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism (2009-2011) and the College of Sound Healing (2011-2012), before embarking on a vision quest, or solitary fast, in the mountains of Snowdonia. 


More recently, I grounded my approach through a study of breathwork & body awareness with the Avalon Institute of Rebirthing (2014-2018). Always the dreamer, I was diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood. This shed new light on my foibles, offering a scientific explanation for my unique ability to hyperfocus. A search for integration propelled me into the Amazon jungle, where, under the watch of local shamans, I took part in a 10-day plant medicine diet. Three days later, I found myself stuck on a mountainside with severe salt depletion and altitude sickness. Pushed to my emotional, mental and physical limits, I experienced a wake up call that life isn’t a new age bubble of hearts, flowers and angel wings. It’s the entire gamut of emotions and the secret is embracing flow, not attaching to states. Diving into the shadows can be fun too! 


I'm is a proud feminist and trans ally and recently ditched the corporate ladder to provide support to victims of violent crime & high profile, major incidents across London with Victim Support. A music geek to the extreme and child of the rave generation, I bring sound to this art with my love of the gong. I offer one-to-one treatments in a cozy, North London practitioner space and also run regular group sessions including retreats and charity/corporate/festival workshops. 


Click here to visit my website. 

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