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Feedback loop

So when you're fighting for your loved ones life in a health or social care setting, how do you stay present and responsive to those all important conversations with professionals?

First thing is to build rapport and trust with them. I know we're exhausted and overwhelmed but we have to stay alert and present.

55% of all communication is understood by body language much more than the content of what you are saying. So give them the experience that you understand THEIR world. They are probably pulled in 50 places too, over stretched, underpaid (well some!) and feel anxious about making mistakes.

So physically place yourself in their space by mirroring and matching their gestures and body position. You can do this easily without mimicry but can be subtle and empathetic. Once the rapport is built then you can start leading the conversation.

Everyone wants to be understood, acknowledged and respected. Even if you have no respect for them, then telling them that can work against you.

Once you start asking for what you want assertively and calmly then you can adjust your behaviour and communication on the feedback they give you.

The one who is the most flexible is their behaviour and attitude has the MOST influence.

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