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Carers are creative everyday!

In all our years working with carers, we have found a light inside that refuses to dampen. Irrespective of all the dramas, tears, frustrations, loss of identity and lack of hope, there is always a fire inside that needs encouragement to sparkle much much brighter.

Most people lose their sense of play and creativity at secondary school. Peer pressure, feelings of not being good enough, poor teaching and limiting self-beliefs set in. We then go around thinking that only other people are creative. That creativity is a gift people are born with and unless you are famous or a genius then the rest of us are merely ‘try hards’ with no sense of realism of your lack of talent.

We don’t believe that for a second!

Forget creativity as only skill based and think of it as a form of self-expression that will be judged by no one. Creative pursuits are extremely good for increasing self-worth, fostering a sense of wellbeing, building confidence and enabling that very important ‘me’ time. We can do this in so many different ways and even new ways! It is based on a set of core skills that all artists have and, looking at this list below, all carers have too. They just need to be remodelled and applied to your own form of self-expression too:

Persistent - you keep going each day and overcome what seem like insurmountable obstacles, so keep going with your own creative ideas too.

Patience - no work of art has been created overnight, so use the patience you have as a carer to have patience with yourself too.

Adventure - life has been an adventure and a rollercoaster at times. Reframe your creative journey as a new adventure. You are often out of your comfort zone, so there is no difference here either.

Discipline - every day runs like clockwork so have the same discipline for your daily routine as you do for your creative pursuits.

Passion - you have passion for your loved one, have passion for your self-expression too.

But how and when do I do this I hear you ask?

Well, little and often begins your journey. So start by:

Reinventing yourself - try on your favourite item of clothing you haven’t worn in years. Change up your daily routines, have something different for breakfast, walk a different route to the shops. Anything just to break up the monotony of your perceived self-identity!

Empty mind - have 5 minutes a day where you are still, let go of your ‘to do’ list, breathe and try and create a blank canvas in your mind.

Be kind to your former self - acknowledge your limiting beliefs and understand what is stopping you from having time for yourself. Give yourself some self-love.

Say ‘yes’ sometimes - it’s only by saying yes to things we would normally say ‘no’ to that we see if we like it or it inspires us to think or express in a new way.

Play and be silly - this is not to disregard the seriousness of your situation. But it’s important to make time to change your perspective and see the lighter side of life even if it’s just for half an hour a week.

Fail, fail and fail again - when you try something new and it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, take a deep breathe and say ‘oh well’ and try something different the next day. Don’t fall into the trap of blaming yourself.

Be curious - spend time seeing beyond what you normally see. People-watch in cafes, spend time looking into a specific aspect of life and find out something new, listen to different perspectives and see what life is like from a different viewpoint.

Take yourself of a date - even in lockdown, there are numerous free online theatre shows and virtual gallery tours you can take yourself on. Just search on the internet and take yourself on a date. Make time to feed in new ideas and enjoy yourself.

Once you practice these skills you will then be more open to developing a specific practice, be that poetry, creative writing, visual arts, performance or dance. Or it could inspire you to develop your cookery skills, interior design or fashion sense. Don’t focus on the end product, just enjoy the ride.

Have fun and we can’t wait to meet the new you!

Not A Care in the World Resilience Training

At Not A Care in the World resilience training we know first hand what it takes to be the super human that carers need to be. If you are a carers organisation and are interested in knowing more about our work in communication skills for carers but also in our work on unlocking creativity, building confidence and also practising self care techniques then please do get in touch. Our workshops can now all be adapted for online working meaning we can work with any carers organisation throughout the world! Our workshops are dynamic, interactive, fun, creative and empowering and are facilitated by trainers trained in communication skills, NLP, psychotherapy, breathwork, theatre and the law relating to social care.

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