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Be a powerhouse like Sheridan Smith in BBC1's 'Care'

Updated: May 3, 2019

Watching Sheridan Smith play Jenny in the final part in the brilliant 'Care' on BBC1 before Christmas proved what we have been doing for 15 years to give carers the tools to speak their case clearly and confidently. In her review of the unfair NHS continuing healthcare decision to grant a place for her mother in a decent nursing home with adequate care so she could actually go to work and care for her children, she was clear and an assertive powerhouse!

She did all the following to gain a positive decision on the review's decision:

1. Read out clearly the consultant report and highlighted the medical conditions and how this affects her mother's life.

2. Why she needs 24 hour care

3. Highlighted why there is a disparity between the committee's previous decision and the consultant's report.

4. Highlighted how the questionnaire was not completed by her mother.

5. Became curious about how the questionnaire and report were so vastly different.

6. Highlighted the unfairness of how her mother has not asked the NHS for previous support.

7. Emotional plea (without crying) on how the 24 hour care would positively impact her life.

Be firm, curious, clear, determined, factual, honest and speak from the heart. Win over your enemies and bring them on your journey.

If you would like to be like Sheridan Smith and learn the tools to communicate clearly and effectively then see our resilience training programmes at

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