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Jill Pay

Carers Rights Trainer and Facilitator

For over 20 years I cared for my severely disabled, who is now 32 years old. She currently lives in a residential setting that meets all her needs and she is very happy. I no longer consider myself her carer – just her Mum!  As well as running my own independent training and therapeutic business – Creative Life Solutions, I have recently retired from working as a Service Manager at Camden Carers, after 13 years. I am therefore very well qualified to speak on carers’ issues and understand the pressures that carers can often face.


My passion is for carers to live a good life and with a background in teaching adults, for nearly 14 years I have been delivering training to family carers in a wide variety of subjects and settings. I developed a 6-module Caring in Balance course to address the wide range of challenges that carers face – from the impact on their personal life, to working with agencies and professionals, carers rights and how the law protects carers, as well as exploring the dynamics and pressures of the caring role. I have seen how, when carers understand their rights, their place within the context of delivering care and have permission to have their own life alongside caring – there are real lasting benefits to both carer and cared-for. 


Carers services who have commissioned this training for their carers have noticed a real benefit for the service when carers are clearer and more assertive around the support they need. Additionally, for around 10 years I delivered Carers Awareness & Carers Assessment training to Adult Social Care staff in London Borough of Camden; and I currently offer training to Carers Support Services’ staff. In my own time, I enjoy painting and the creative arts, visiting galleries and spending time with friends and family.

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